What you can expect on your retreat

Kundaliniyoga retreat     

´the healing power of sound and Ayurveda´

From April 14 till 21 

 Saturday April 14

16:00 arrival and welcome with tapas

17:00    sound meditatation and silence

18:00 dinner: > clarify schedule

Theme > our intention for the week

Your intention for the week in 3 words

19:30 theory and lesson tuning in >mantras

The Locks


the essence of sound theory

Taking care of your most powerfull and healing instrument:your voice

Excecises to tune your body like an instrument


21:00 relax > bedtime


7:30 kundaliniyoga  Detoxifying kriya



9:00 breakfast

12:00 walk and  lunch in nature

14:00 back home >free time

18:00 dinner

19:30 yoga stretch an flex!


21:00 Relax >


7:30  detoxifying kriya

9:00 ayurvedic  breakfast

ayurvedic basic  theory

11:30 :voiceyoga and strenghtening your core

13:00 Ayurvedic lunch

14:00 naad yoga ( the essence of sound)  theory and practice

17:00 dinner

19:00 yoga and chanting



7:30 yoga and chanting

9:00 Ayurvedic  breakfast

Ayurvedic theory

11:00 yoga and theory projection -chakras

13:00 Ayurvedic lunch

16:00 yoga and theory

17:30  Dinner

19:00 Danceworkshop from a professional

21:00 relaxtime


7:30 detoxifying yoga and  chant

9:00 breakfast

10.00 morning walk in silence

12:30 lunch

14:00 :yoga  and chanting

17:30 :dinner explaining Aquarian sadhana

19:30 Opening the gates to the heart

21:00 bedtime relaxtime


5:30 early morning sadhana

universal poem japji

yoga to ground

chanting all the aquarian songs

7:45   breakfast

free time to be one your own…..to contemplate … to rest… to sleep…

12:30 lunch

14:00 short kriya and meditation

relaxation and a healing bowlsession from Banyan Tree

*individual session possible  but do book ahead

17:00 Dinner

19:00: lets keep up !! yoga

21:00: relax and renew


7:30: yoga

9:00 breakfast

10:30 yoga and meditation

12:30 Lunch

14:00 yoga

17:30 Dinner

19:30 ecstatic dance meditation silence

21:00 relax …silence


7:30 last yoga morningsession !

9:00 breakfast how are you leaving

what do you take with you


12:00 lunch  departure


Saying goodbye >bon voyage, good yourney

Blessings from everybody for everybody

  • it is posible that the scudule  changes on some parts