Our charity project the vilostrada foundation

This year we suport  a swedish organasation called  Vilostrada this means that 10% of every paying yoga client will go to this organisation. on this page you wil find info and links about them. we are open to new sugestions for next years charity project.


We believe that all children have the right to an education. We start by teaching our children a sustainable lifestyle and engaging them with entrepreneurial learning in their everyday life.

Vilostrada means: VIva, LOve, the STRADA (the road).

Vilostrada is the story about a family who love children. We love life and live it passionately. We started a business that teaches our children about helping others, sustainability and entrepreneurship. A lifestyle brand took form, a social enterprise selling fair-traded Moroccan artisan goods in a webshop, store at Klippa in Sweden, and market sales on Costa del Sol in Spain. We develop sustainable business models and run projects for community benefit. We aim to make life better for the regions and artisans we trade with. Good and fair business for all.

We launched the non-profit Vilostrada foundation on October 3, 2014.

Welcome to join our journey.

With love,
Victoria and Joakim Ahlén