About Us


Linda (Ram Nishan Kaur)* loves to guide people to find their joy and true strength in life

Through the tools of Kundalini Yoga, coaching and holistic therapies she wants to guide you to find your true strength and joy.

Originally from the Netherlands, Linda arrived in Spain in 2011, with her partner Jan Hidde. Her two children had grown-up, and ready to take on life’s adventures by themselves, so it was time for Linda and Jan to settle in their new home – an idyllic white village huddled between the beach and the mountains, in the stunning Southern Spanish region of Andaluçia.

A passion for you

As a passionate coach Linda will help you to find your inner strength and joy. Her main tool is Kundalini Yoga, a powerful and holistic yoga that suits a wide range of people. It works deeply so you feel both relaxed and energised – full of vitality and physically strengthened.

To experience her yoga you can join her at one of the workshops or attend a Beach Yoga Linda class on Burriana Beach in Nerja.

Linda is also a trained therapist and offers Japanese Face Lifting and Reflexology treatments.

Time for Tapas

Linda and Jan’s restaurant, Al Fuente is one of Frigiliana’s best-loved Tapas restaurants. It is nestled into the side of Calle Real, one of the many cobbled streets that wind through the white-washed houses of this beautiful pueblo blanco.

Kundalini Yoga on the beach and workshops at casa Zambra

From this picturesque and unique location she runs Beach Yoga Linda offering Kundalini Yoga classes on the beach three times a week, all year round.

Linda makes the very best of the rich beauty that surrounds her, and the gentle pace of life in Andalucia, and you can too – join a class, come on a retreat.


*spiritual name:

in kundaliniyoga we can request for a spiritual name that has the purpose to  uplift and inspire us

I am happy to share my name with you

Ram Nishan Kaur which means: a symbol or flag of Gods consciousness in the world

its my deepest wish that we all will find that consciousness inside of us

we see god as the infinite creative energy which is in Everybody and All.

Sat Nam